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RazorpayX helps businesses to automate repetitive financial payment and enables cash flow insights.

It can be used to process

  • Transaction refund
  • Employee salary payouts
  • Vendor payment

Additional deduction of PF, TDS can be performed.

You could use Razorpay (used to accept payments) account to enable transaction. It provides clean user interface to perform the above mentioned steps adding fund, contact creation and payouts. The web portal has additional feature where you could upload excel file with payment details for bulk processing. In addition APIs are provided for integrating with application for programmatic payments.

Payments can be made to debit, credit cards / UPI Id without the need to create account for transfer. Amazon pay account can be recharged. Account statements can be generated for any provided transaction period. Payment types can be custom created.

Webhooks is available to update payment processing status back to your application with out any additional hassle to query transaction details.

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